Custom printing 3D glasses arrive at El Corte Inglés

 El Corte Inglés

from El Corte Inglés we get a press release where it is announced officially their centers will begin to offer its clients customized by printing 3D glasses Mimic Eyewear . As it could not be otherwise, these glasses can be purchased through its subsidiary optics 2000 and be manufactured custom and personalized for each interested customers.

at the moment these glasses personalized and manufactured by 3D printing only can be purchased at centers that El Corte Inglés has in the avenida Diagonal (Barcelona) or Sanchinarro (Madrid) though, if the reception of this idea is interesting enough, soon will be offered at most centres.

the English Court begins to commercialize printed sunglasses Mimic Eyewear 3D.

entering a little more in detail, let know you that these peculiar goggles are manufactured in polyamide in such a way that, as it says in the press release, they are unique for each person since they are adapted to the morphology of the face. The parameters that are taken into account, include for example the distance between your eyes the distance between the eye and the ear, even the curvature of the nose.

to take into account all these details, the specialists will have previously to perform a scan of the client side for later, taking into account the type of glass that needs it, offer a model determined among the nine models that have been launched, which in addition are available in ten different colours which allows to talk about up to 270 different combinations since it is possible to change the color of the rods , on the front and even incorporate the name of the person.

according to the statements of Francisco Gil product manager for optics 2000:

so far got to optics and had hundreds of glasses that you could try, but with Mimic can eliminate those stocks and be more efficient and sustainable. This does not mean that the client not may be tested sunglasses since the centers that sell Mimic will have virtual testers that will see how is each model in each person’s face digitally, which will help you choose frames and colors from a total of 270 different combinations. Glasses, printed in polyamide through a layering technique, will be handed to the client within 10 business days after ordering.

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