Crusader: Adware tampered with contact details of security providers in search results

Bleeping computer describes a new adware family named Crusader, who is able to manipulate the content of websites. This feature uses crusader for tech-support-scam. For example, whose telephone numbers in the results are counterfeited a search after contact details from security vendors such as Norton or technology companies such as Dell, which exposes users to the scams of false support staff.

 adware (image: Shutterstock) interested party, however, may not realize the that they are linked not with the legitimate support, but with a call center by cybercriminals. According to the report, the wrong support staff could try to spy out account information or to gain access to computers, to install more malware via remote maintenance software.

in other cases Crusader displays pop-ups, which should entice users to fraudulent or dangerous websites. For this purpose, the adware should replace existing advertising in websites with your own ads. To call when you try the website of Amazon United Kingdom, Crusader opens, for example, a new browser window that will redirect the user to “”.

in most cases, Crusader gets together with free software on a computer. The adware hides chrome in extensions and Firefox or it disguises itself as a browser helper object for Internet Explorer. Run the extensions in question and granted the requested permissions, receives Crusader access to all traffic of the browser, which can now be manipulated by hackers at will.

Crusader according to Bleeping computer receives its instructions from a server in India that holds a configuration file. She will automatically updated with each reboot of the PC in the background. Currently, the adware is located in a test or development phase. Placeholder in the settings and several “demo” endorsements in the code of the malware pointed out.

users, often free software download eighth, whether installing the optional programs should always be offered. Also the terms of use and license should be checked, because also it unwittingly may be granted consent to the installation of additional software. Also you should make sure to obtain free software either directly from the developer or other trusted sources.


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