Credit cards with Touch ID, would advance in security?

recently I had a very interesting news, by the novel that this could be, and it is that from MasterCard announced that soon would include credit card a Touch ID option . In a nutshell, this option would allow that his fingerprint on a space specifically enabled on it to accept a purchase, have your credit card may be used forgetting thus having to use PIN ; or even using it, and therefore having a double verification process for our most secure shopping. But would they really be safer? This is something that want to assess and reflect to reach our conclusions, as much as you.

 MasterCard with Touch ID Touch ID card Prototito

Touch ID in credit cards, a breakthrough, really?

who use the Apple Touch ID know that we have a great safety device, which the codes are encrypted securely on it. Behind this system therefore a great company technologically speaking, and in addition, a high security process that allows us to have full trust on the preservation of our data (though remember that 0 danger does not exist). Doubt that generates Touch ID system is in this respect of how they saved our footprints and be protected, given that, from the technical department who presented this novelty nothing has been said. Much makes us think about that this high level security that have our iPhone will not be present in these cards which is therefore a negative point.

 credit cards with Touch ID, would advance in safety? Apple devices that may have set a card credit

doubts are not only about their possible safety

on the other hand, there is an interesting question that arise, what we should do with the cards, load them all nights that have battery? . There are few data which are known to the respect of this new system, but the fact that the card has to be stored and operate a Touch ID. This suggests that will be one device more that you have to use electrically charged to make it work. and if run us out of battery? We will return to the same, to use a PIN, so progress will be linked to have to be forced to pay attention to one gadget more : not only have to be aware of charging the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch… and so many other devices, would also have to carry our cards?. Doubts and inconveniences that this would generate, do us understand that this is another negative aspect of the same .

 credit cards with Touch ID, would advance in safety?

Touch ID some light faced an uncertain panorama

before concluding, let us make a positive reflection, and it is that the fingerprint is unique for each person so the idea of develop cards which are unlocked only with our footprint understand having potential . At one point someone without realizing can steal our card and, knowing our PIN, access to steal our money. The fact that cards can only operate with something unique, fingerprint, makes this an idea with great potential and long travel .

 credit cards with Touch ID, would advance in safety?

like the idea, but it is not yet the time, doubt that resolve

always and when to implement security enhancements that make them reliable and that the functioning of the cards is not uncomfortable for users credit with Touch ID cards could be a great experience for those who use them on a regular basis . It is therefore an aspect with great potential and should be treated to explore avenues of improvement which can offer. Seems to us, therefore, an idea with a great future, but that it currently generates doubts that must be solved before and worked .

what you think regarding this possibility, have “present” and future? We care about your opinion.

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