Creators update: New cumulative update for Windows 10 fixes numerous

Microsoft has released another cumulative update for Windows 10 creators update. The build 15063.250 to 1703 improve the quality of Windows 10 version and correct various errors. A problem in the configuration options of Windows Forms could cause the last, that antivirus software no longer works after the launch of the operating system.

 logo Windows 10 (image: Microsoft) the developers have also removed a memory error that occurs when Internet Explorer websites represents that contain the frameset, which load content from other domains. Also IE11 will back up now correctly also JavaScript files when you save a site in MHT format.

Web applications were not the release notes according to least capable of storing credentials permanently. Also, Windows will no longer freeze when returning from standby connected when running Win32 Direct3D applications or games in full-screen mode. 10 Pro Windows users should now be able to disable the lock screen via Group Policy Editor.

also the problem that virtual machines can lose its network connection while they obtain an IP address, should belong to the past. Also, the update aims to generally improve the compatibility of the operating system and the Internet Explorer browser and edge. There is no known issues according to release notes.

Moreover, Dona Sarkar said today morning via Twitter with that mobile now announced has begun the rollout of the creators update for Windows 10. However, only about 60 percent of of the devices currently Windows running 10 mobile officially enjoy the updates come at least according to the numbers from AdDuplex . In this country are mainly owners of HP Elite X 3, as well as the Lumia smartphones 640/640XL, 550, 650 and 950/950XL.

older devices can be updated, however, via a back door open allowed by Microsoft. The creators update in the Insider program available to guests. Currently it’s available – there in the slow ring is to be distributed but also release preview ring. The latter is the source for all future cumulative update for the creators update according to Microsoft also.

the backdoor has also several disadvantages. For one, Microsoft denied officially any support for devices that obtain the creators update on this way. On the other hand the way the creators update is blocked, no later than from the date at which Microsoft distributes the first builds of the Redstone-3 updates via the slow ring or the release preview ring, if you must reset his device to the factory settings. The final of the Redstone-3 updates to appear in the September 2017.

but there might be also a “back door for the back door”. Neowin indicates that currently certain devices that have not yet received Windows 10 and should also not get according to Microsoft, can be registered again for the Insider program. Succeeded then apparently a reader of the blog, to update the creators with a detour through the threshold-2 update (version 1511) on a 520 Lumia. The same should not be possible also with the Lumia 635, however with the Lumia 1020 or the LG Lancet. Neowin even suspected, that is an error on the part of Microsoft, the company is probably very quickly fix.


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