Creators update: Microsoft warns of manual upgrade

Microsoft discourages still not resolved problems of, Windows 10 creators update manually to install. This warning applies to all except for advanced users who are willing and able to confront potential problems and to actively seek a solution. All other users should still wait until them Windows 10 creators update automatically will be offered. Manual installations were possible before 11 April some days, where the official and worldwide distribution began.

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in the first phase of distribution, Microsoft offers the update of newer PCs. Due to testing with hardware and software partners, the manufacturer assumes that these devices offer the best possible experience during the update. This approach should also help in deciding when it is time for the next phase of the rollout.


Windows 10 creators update – these are the changes

Windows 10 1703 creators update offers numerous innovations for the surface and the security of Windows 10. And Redstone 3, the next update is already upon us.

Microsoft Manager John cable reported by numerous feedback thanks to millions of customers who have already played the creators update. This will give opportunity to turn to the problems described, to continuously improve the overall upgrade experience.

first wants Microsoft each documenting the problem, more information on the potential impact and help give users. Then Windows itself should be optimized, in addition, Microsoft plans to provide in cooperation with PC and peripheral manufacturers of driver updates. The provider of application software will in turn provide to compatibility updates.

while Microsoft blocking uses this rework, the further distribution of the creators update to affected devices to prevent, is resolved to a specific problem. As an example of Microsoft Manager in a leading a series of certain Broadcom Bluetooth modules blog which lead to connectivity problems with peripheral devices. If a solution is available, Microsoft wants to confirm it with an updated Forum entry – and unblock for affected devices, for which then automatically Windows 10 creators update may be offered.

Windows 10 creators update offers numerous innovations for the surface and the security of Windows 10. Recently, Microsoft released a new cumulative update for the update to fix a whole bunch of errors.


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