Creators update: Microsoft released new versions of firmware for Surface Pro 4 and surface book

Microsoft updated firmwares and drivers has for surface Pro 4 and surface book provided. They are intended only for devices that already Windows 10 creators update has been installed. Although creators update is officially distributed as of April 11, it is now already possible to manually install the new version of the operating system .

(Bild: Microsoft)

creators update includes new consumer-oriented features such as a game mode, support for mixed-reality applications and the new 3D paint application. The user will also receive more control of the data collected by Microsoft . Also for company update brings new features and improvements.

with the surface-updates for creators update updated driver for surface system aggregator, surface integration and Intel precise touch device. The updates should provide for greater system stability, customize the default settings for system Hibernate and resolve problems with the brightness of the display when waking up the device.

the updates are only available if the device creators update runs. Just installed Windows 10 version 1703 informs Windows Update of pending updates for the surface units. While there are good reasons to wait the official distribution of creators update immediate installation of firmware updates is advisable then to avoid Microsoft already known issues with these devices. Already leaked

are the first details about the next Surface Pro 5, whose Vorstellung is expected this spring, which specifically involves surface hardware at a Microsoft event. The longtime Microsoft Watcher Paul Thurrott has learned that no dramatic changes are expected. This could simply be a refresh with upgraded components, mean even more compatibility with existing accessories. Loading will continue to be via the proprietary SurfaceConnect port and not through USB-C. The change to Intel’s current seventh generation of core processors (Kaby Lake) is in the CPU.

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