Creators update: Microsoft provides new features of the Linux shell Bash before

Microsoft was giving the creators update for Windows 10 the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Linux shell Bash based on new features. Despite hundreds of bug fixes and new features, which should also be based on suggestions from users, Microsoft classifies still the Linux subsystem according to program manager rich Turner as a beta version.

 bash logo (image: Shutterstock) in a blog Turner points out that the WSL at the time of its introduction was” far from finished last summer”. Originally with the Ubuntu Publisher canonical developed, was part of the anniversary update the WSL for the first time. Aim was run the Linux shell Bash under Windows 10, to provide developers with an another command line tool familiar to them.

with the creators update to facilitate better compatibility of the Linux system call interface (SCI) working with bash under Windows. This should Entwicklerwerkezuge as apt, sed, grep, awk, tmux, ssh and scp better work. New is also the support for zsh, vim, emacs, nano, git, and gdb.

also bash and WSL are now based on Ubuntu 16.04. In the anniversary update Ubuntu 14.04 is the basis. Both are so-called long term service releases, for the canonical five years promises support.

in addition, users can check the configuration of all available network adapters after switching to the creators update via ifconfig. Also fixed error that occurred when the “Ping” and “ICMP” commands. New is also the inotify support for Web, Node.js, Ruby and Python developers who want to track file changes. Get well messages about changed files in the Windows file system.

Microsoft has improved Turner, but also interoperability between Linux and Windows tools. Developers can now start Windows apps and tools from bash out and Linux commands and scripts from Windows.

other changes relate to the Windows console. “One of the main reasons for the revision of the console was the need to enable the console, display output from Linux command line tools and applications that run with a WSL,” Turner added. The substructure of the console was also been modernised in order to facilitate the development of other new functions, and to speed up.

Turner and his team for the upcoming Redstone-3 update and beyond plan which changes not communicated to the Manager. Microsoft’s developers Conference build, which starts on May 10 in Seattle in the U.S. State of Washington may provide a first view.


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