Creators update: Build 15055 first mentioned Windows-10 version 1703

Microsoft has released a test version of creators update for Windows 10 . Participants of the Insider program, who have subscribed to the almost ring, get the build 15055 for PCs and Smartphones since Friday. It exclusively fixes and no new features. However, it contains a reference to the planned release date for the first time: build 15055 changes the OS version of 1607 hidden 1703.

abbreviation version Microsoft year and month in which a major feature update was completed and distributed for the first time. Version 1607 corresponds to July 2016, with the anniversary update was only available from August 2, which had recently announced Microsoft is. Thus, it is not excluded that Microsoft 1703 releases version not in March, but only in April. “

 the build 15055 referred to Microsoft as version 1703, which indicates a publication of the creators update in the March 2017 (screenshot: the build 15055 referred to Microsoft as version 1703, which indicates a publication of the creators update in the March 2017 (screenshot: In a blog Dona Sarkar, head of the Insider program, list as the most important improvements and fixes. Users of security software from will no longer encounter now Symantec when installing new builds the error 0 x 80070228. But, before reinstall of your Symantec or Norton product, they should ensure that the latest virus definitions are available.

also the problem that the installation of new builds at 71 percent faltered and broke off, should no longer occur. This also applies to conflicts with already installed language packs.

as already in the previous builds have the developers again removed many bugs in the new browser edge. Among other things, the browser will no longer freeze after opening a link or paste a URL in a new tab. The key combination “CTRL and W” to close multiple tabs will no longer cause, that the active tab loses focus. Also, some Windows Insider reported that the touchpad – and keystrokes are not possible for several seconds after clicking an edge window. Also this error will no longer occur.

further corrections concern the use of multiple monitors, the battery icon in the system tray and insert content from a UWP app. In addition, the print dialog last froze certain UWP apps, when the advanced settings of certain printers have been called. Also the error message should no longer appear on the login screen, that a TabTip.exe has caused an error.

smartphone users should be now able, to modify the music volume after a headphone is connected or removed in the Groove of the app. Also, connection problems have been fixed by Cortana, as well as with the voice output of the digital assistant.

despite the long list of corrections failed Microsoft yet, to eliminate any errors. Some users can test still no new PC build because the installation through a System_PTE_Misuse error fails. In addition, some apps through a faulty configuration of the promotional ID can crash. Above all users are affected, whose accounts were created using build 15031. Affected parties need to manually delete the registry key “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAdvertisingInfo”.

also Microsoft indicates that under certain circumstances some pre-installed apps such as the store does not start. Affected in the app settings under “Advanced options” item should press the reset button for the app in question here. The upcoming build will fix this error.

Windows 10 mobile circumstances certain background task does not run. As an example, Microsoft called the synchronization function of OneDrive. Users should be sure to check whether newly captured photos as planned with the one-drive folder camera roll are synchronized. Here, too, an upcoming build should bring a fix. In addition, that specific pre-installed apps do not work, occurs also on Smartphones. However, the workaround valid for PCs is not available for the mobile store available. As a result, currently no store apps can be installed or updated under certain circumstances.


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