Creators update already starting April 5 manually available – mobile follows from 25 April

Microsoft concretizes its plans for the publication of the creators update for Windows 10 . Users are “eager” waiting for the update, can from April 5 manually via the Update Wizard download it and install. “This option is aimed at experienced users with devices that will be running a licensed version of Windows 10”, writes John Cable, Director of program management, Windows servicing and delivery, in a blog .

 Windows 10 (image: General announced the availability of the creators update for Windows 10 had Microsoft yesterday already for 11 April. The update via Windows Update is distributed from then – but only in spurts. “Based on our experience and feedback from customers”, a phased approach for most customers is best suited. In the first phase, Microsoft that deliver creators update to newer devices will OEM hardware, which was tested in advance together with partners, above all.

based on feedback from this first phase, the distribution will be extended step by step. Cable does not exclude that it takes several months before the update reaches all users. Manually, it can be at any time abut using the Update Wizard.

in addition the creators update now can be downloaded as ISO file from Microsoft’s servers. The 32-bit version is around 3.1 GB, the 64-bit version is 4.1 GB. The ISO file is aimed solely at users who want to create installation media for Windows 10.

Windows users 10 Mobile must wait until April 25. From then, the creators update to be also gradually distributed to update eligible smartphones. Cable indicates that the availability of updates for Windows 10 mobile by the manufacturer of smartphones, the model, the region and the mobile network operator may be dependent. Also hardware constraints, and feedback from customers to play a role. That could mean – as already when updating from Windows phone 8.1 on Windows 10 mobile happen-, that Microsoft reserves the right to reduce the list of supported devices. Currently, virtually all smartphones, which have received the anniversary update on regular way, should receive also the creators update.


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