“Creates a door Alien with an Arduino board and cards pokemon

 image of the project of Evan door Alien kale.

these days it is promoting the new film in the saga Alien, a film that is calling much attention. This has led to some makers, fans of the saga, users decide to create projects that simulate some gadgets from the film.

Evan Kale youtuber is one of these brave users who have uploaded a video where he explains how to create a door alien or rather an alien portal.

as you can see in the video, Evan Kale has used a strip of led lights connected to an Arduino Nano Board and controller . The back of the door has been plugged with pokemon cards. The use of these letters is not for reasons of game but by the simple fact that the placement of the colors of letters help led lights blur and expand the brightness of lights thus creating the effect of gate alien. But we can also change the use of the letters by various poster with similar images.

the cost of this project is quite low and the decorative result is very high, although it is clear, a decoration for lovers of aliens and Alien saga. The price of the items is not very high because in addition use an Arduino Nano Board but only by size i.e. that we can recycle any Arduino board to do so.

in the video we can not only see the method of construction, but that we can also the list of materials needed the code needed to run all of the hardware and how to get all this in a short time.

Evan Kale has used a door for this project but well can use anything else, such as a picture, a window or simply a bathroom mirror. Anything is good to create a door alien.

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