Create your Mrs Potts with an Arduino board

 Mrs. Potts-legged robot.

probably many of you remember the beloved Mrs. Potts, this character in the story La Bella and beast that became a hole thanks to the Disney of the same movie title.

the Lady Potts was a teapot singing a song so that the beauty and the beast moats but it also was a housekeeper who had form of tea due to the curse of the beast’s Castle. Now, although not in a real way, we can get this Mrs Potts, thanks to the free Hardware and 3D printing.

a young maker called Paul-Louis Ageneau has copied the functioning of bipedal robots Zowi as robots for use with a teapot, a teapot that has been printed using a 3D printer. In addition, thanks to the Arduino Pro plate, Ageneau has managed to the kettle as well as walking to issue a song a Disney song. Thus, although the maker does not say it, what we have is a Mrs. Potts.

a teapot that sings a song: a robot that imitates the Mrs Potts de Disney

another method to get our Mrs. Potts is using an old robot Zowi and replace the housing with a teapot which would result in the same thing but do not emit music. Whatever it is, we can get this lady Potts for a very affordable price. Not only for the cost of its components but also for the use of the plate of Arduino, a small and affordable model for many users.

in any case, if you’re interested in recreating this project, just have that we are heading this website of the creator to this Github repository to contains the code of the bot to work .

the truth is that this lady Potts is not the most beautiful that exists but is a toy that more than one child (and not as child) like and entertain don’t believe?

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