Create a musical welcome system with Raspberry Pi

 Sistea musical welcome Raspberry Pi

the IoT phenomenon is reaching around the world and is becoming easier to create smart devices for our home or our lives. The device that we present today is interesting and easy to make, so that so it caught my attention. Many call it welcome musical device, or what commonly could be considered intelligent alarm or a simple chime.

the idea is to use a Raspberry Pi up to control the speaker wisely and to issue music depending on the object of detected by your system of detection . The only difference that exists regarding an alarm, is that the detection system we may notify mobile and even change the melody based on the detected object or simply the time in which this occurs.

the musical system is cheap to build because only need speakers, a Raspberry Pi 3 plate or Pi Zero W, a PIR sensor, a 16 Gb microsd card and various cable jumpers for manipulating the plate. Together all this will give us a system raspberry Pi connects to any device bluetooth and also has motion sensor.

welcome musical system is equal to an intelligent but cheaper alarm

now only have to get the software needed for this to work properly. In construction guide will get this software as well as operate the Raspberry Pi, connecting plate with bluetooth speakers, active motion sensor or PIR sensor and adds a bot of telegram that will let us know mobile or computer when the musical welcome is activated .

as you can see, all the components there are long and just need a few lines of code to make it work as we want to something simple and practical for those who are clueless or simply want to have a musical alarm system.

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