Courses and websites where learn to program of way free

by request popular, today I bring you another article more about programming . In particular, as some asked us, we bring you several courses where to learn how to program. But rather, I will teach you a series of web pages to learn.

Google activate

start with a great name. Who do not know Google? What the great majority not know is that Google offers multitude of courses free .

Google offers free courses, both face-to-face and online . Although to us that more US interest are them not face-to-face, as tend to be those of programming. These courses vary , and they are not always the same, but usually we have great variety. For example, currently we have available one of mobile applications, both iOS and Android, and web development. In addition, also have other courses that not are of programming, but also are interesting, as the of Cloud Computing and the of analytical web.

with these courses, will have both videos as documents of text , but are the first that more relevance have. In addition, also will have several exercises in each theme, besides a Exam at the end of each topic. But most important is the final exam we will at the end of the course. To get the diploma you will have to meet the minimum requirements in each test.

and where we can make these courses? Can access to them using the web official of Google enable you .

Google Actívate, los cursos de Google en España


another site where also there are large courses is Udemy. On this platform you will find a huge amount of courses . Although that Yes, not all are free . For this reason, we leave here a link in which you can see a list of free courses here .

in the same way that Google activate and edX (which we will see later), here will not only find programming and informatics courses. And teachers are not always the same, in fact on Udemy are always looking for new instructors to generate more content.

Udemy, una gran plataforma para aprender gratis de multitud de temas


If you want to learn web programming , you will use this site like it or not. Here you will find reference manuals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, SQL… Without a doubt, a site that everyone who is in this scene visited someday.

in addition to be able to use this website as a reference, you can also learn due to sequentiality and examples. In addition, just like that with all the courses that we mention here, its cost is €0 . Tryit Editor, online editor of W3Schools that allows us to test our code, and which is incorporated to the examples of the course is also curious.

to access these manuals simply enter official website of W3Schools . Although, it is worth commenting that W3Schools is not a W3C web, but it is independent.

W3Schools, el sitio de referencia para programación web más grande


this is a great learning platform free . Unlike in on Udemy, here the courses providers are prestigious universities, such as MIT, Hardvard University and Berkely University among others.

find a huge amount of courses and assorted high . You can find programming in various languages, subjects and instructors courses. But we also find courses of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, electronics, architecture, health, economics, history, ethics…

no doubt, a great site with lots of resources. And where can we sign up? Simply register on the website of .

En edX encontrarás multitud de cursos de varios ámbitos de manera gratuita.

another relationship of courses


then leave other sites of learning, although I personally have not used much.


personally I never used this platform, but the people who used it gave me good reviews . This is a service originally created by Stanford University, so it gives the page of some importance.

in this web can find both several courses free , and which not so are has a period of test . As in the rest of pages, will be necessary to register is, which can make in the web of Udacity .



nothing more enter in this web call Codecademy are we invited to register us.

here will have several courses of programming web, and if we like also will have the possibility of acquiring a version Pro . It good that has this web is that the course is carried out of way interactive . I.e., in the left is us will show the exercise that will have to do and the information required for to abide by the objective. In the Center will have the area of programming , where we will write our answer to the exercise. To the right will have a Preview of what you are programming.



the web is quite famous. It was founded in Latin America, and was formerly known as “”. Has several courses, although not are many, but itself are extensive. The problem is that very few of them are free (for access to the rest is necessary to pay a fee monthly). To my personally not I like the form of explain of them, although to many people them seem good courses.



as you can see, there is great amount of sites where to learn to program . So for resources that do not either.

also, although not so mentioned in this article, YouTube also is a great tool of learning. in YouTube will find a large amount of tutorials, by crowds of people, places and times. In fact, even before we had a channel of programming, where if one it reminds had a course of programming web and programming of applications iOS , although finally had that leave the project.

and you? Programs? Are you interested in learning? You used any time any of these pages?

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