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commercial image of Cortana.

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months ago we announced that Microsoft was working to make his assistant’s voice, Cortana, Raspberry Pi reached. This is finally a reality, and it is possible to install Cortana in Raspberry Pi thanks to Windows IoT.

a few days ago Microsoft has released an update called Creators Update, an update that among other things makes it possible that Cortana is available in Raspberry Pi and on plates that support Windows IoT.

However, this platform raspberry arrival will not be as many thought they needed certain items for voice Wizard can operate in the SBC Board. In addition, Cortana will only be compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 aside MinnowBoard MAX and DragonBoard 410 c. Along with this, Raspberry Pi need a screen and hardware supported by Windows IoT since but will not function properly.

cortana will need a screen and hardware approved by Microsoft to run it in Raspberry Pi

This means that we have to buy a screen, speakers and microphone compatible or supported by Microsoft . Once we have this, Windows IoT must be updated to Creators Update, since it is thanks to this update that Cortana works with Raspberry Pi and not with earlier versions of Windows IoT.

the arrival of the wizard’s voice Cortana to copyleft Hardware will not only make it possible that we can control our computers with Windows by using the voice but it also will allow us to have a virtual assistant in house as we may have it thanks to the intelligent speaker of Amazon or Google Home. Pity that not we may have it in platform plates Raspberry smaller Pi as Raspberry Pi Zero.

in any case it seems that Windows IoT will begin to be used thanks to the arrival of this wizard of voice or at least that seems to me to my do you you think?

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