Control all your music spotify with Apple Watch

do not think Spotify need much presentation since insurance many know it as the reference streaming music service today. Since his arrival, he revolutionized the music market doing that the physical format was disappearing from our lives, and even the purchase of songs via iTunes. This is why Apple is forced to react and launched its own service, Apple Music.

as a loyal user of Spotify, one of the major that I saw during this time has been the fact of not having its own official app for the Apple Watch. an app that will allow us to directly access our lists of music and be able to control the player of our songs from the wrist, while listening to them with our iPhone.

Spotify in the Apple Watch will arrive in an official way, but meanwhile…

a few weeks ago now we told you the great news that Spotify will come to Apple Watch with an app that are developing an independent developer who already developed an app based on Spotify. That Yes, we have no planned release dates, today we bring you an app that will meet the needs of the users of the service and to lower my personal experience, works great.

his name is Watchify (Yes, the, name is not of the most original), but I have to say that the app is very good, as well as being completely free, without advertising and without any kind of integrated purchase. “

 so is the interface of Watchify so is the Watchify interface

how using Watchify

Watchify is very easy to use, the first thing we must do is download our iPhone via this link and once done, follow these simple steps :

  1. open Watch app on our iPhone, and in the list of apps select Watchify to install it on the clock.
  2. once installed on our watch, started session within the app from the iPhone with our username and password of Spotify. Possibly leave you a red poster that did not detect the clock, don’t worry, we’re going to the next step.
  3. open the app within the Apple Watch will leave us the icon of the app and a text that tells us that we make a tap to start it, after doing so must synchronize our music Spotify lists.
  4. and ready, only remains to choose the theme song or playlist you want to play.

in short, we have an easy to use app and that inexplicably are putting reviews enough negative in recent days. In my case I have not had any problems with the configuration and I am delighted. If you are users of Spotify I encourage you to try it and can tell us your opinion and experience in comments.

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