Continental is interested in the 3D printing of metal


sure that once you’ve heard of the German mark related to the world of the Continental Automotive closely associated with the world for the manufacture of tyres. Today the company’s news after reaching an agreement with Concept Laser owned by General Electric, to their factory-installed equipment M2 cusing and M2 cusing Multilaser .

one of the peculiarities of these two 3D metal printing machines is that both are committed to the use of the fusion technology of powder bed where a powerful laser is responsible for melting of selectively and very precise part that you want to make into a bed of metallic powder. Both printers stand out for its volume of production of 250 x 250 x 280 mm and can operate with one or two laser 200 W and 400 W of power.

Continental advocates the use of 3D printing in metal proposed by the boys of Concept Laser.

one of the most interesting points of two machines found in its size, it stands out for being very compact . Despite this, as they say from Concept Laser, there are elements and components manufacturing, and filtering material, something that serves to reduce and optimize the space that can occupy one of these machines in a factory where, precisely, is not something which.

3D metal printing is gradually entering in a multitude of industries. While those of high value added as the aerospace or medical have been so far the most suitable for the use of these technologies, little by little other industries also are incorporating 3D printing as it is the case of the automotive industry .

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