Construya a robot with Raspbery Pi and Arduino

in the video above in fact see a remote controlled robot based on web interfaces using a wireless network. Given the power of Raspberry IP used this to Video support and an Arduino board for controlling the motors

Raspberry IP is then used for the management of the Chamber, a Wi-Fi network to the user interface between the robot or the user and an Arduino board to control servos sensors and motors.

do we need to build the robot?, then propprcionamos then the following l ista of components:

actually given that all of these modules are already mounted, connection diagram is quite simple, because a converter is used dc/dc to feed the bridge in h for 4 motors , 2 servos and ultrasonic sensor, and other dc/dc converter to exclusively power the Arduino Nano

Raspberry Pi-Arduino communication takes place through GPIO TX series / RX (/ dev / ttyAMA0) by means of a level converter.

another destcable is that both the ultrasonic sensor and two servos are controlled Arduino Uno by own plate

Esquemas cameraRobot

it also makes use of a module camera for Raspberry Pi, which is connected with a ribbon cable to the Raspberry Pi. The camera is fastened to the support special mobile which allows thanks to two servos move the camera in the three axes

here can take a look at the details of the component Assembly more important:

Pan Tilt & detalle con los servos
detail in connection with the servo
Frambuesa Pi / Arduino y convertidor de nivel
Raspberry Pi / Arduino and level converter
las conexiones del sensor y Servos


the software is divided into two sections: software for Raspberry Pi and Arduino software.

for the Raspberry is used dawnrobotics SD picture to camera robot Pi , which provided with a small modification file to enable serial communication with Arduino Nano instead of the driver dawnrobotics.

a then outlined the used source code:

the robot is controlled with a web interface which means that it should be accessible from the widest range of devices possible. the web interface makes use of HTML5, however, so you will need to use a browser to date. found that Chrome works well on all platforms tested.

to control the robot enter the address IP in the address bar.

robot coche con PICAM. Prespectiva.

you have Wifi connection, therefore you can tinker with it without cables and that is very comfortable. With this basic system, you can expand a lot and perhaps take the step with OpenCV or some other type of complex functionality thanks to the power that Raspberry IP offers.

the project is certainly very interesting and certainly open a path for our imagination to replicate it and improve it endowing it with new modifications that undoubtedly will do it much better if here

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