Congstar brings three new prepaid packages

the Cologne mobile service provider offers new and existing customers starting on 23 may in addition to the “Congstar prepaid as I want ‘Desire mix'” in addition the prepaid packages smart, surf and AllNet. The new packages addressed to normal users, frequent surfers and frequent callers and offer “Request mix” compared to the individually configurable Congstar prepaid as I want more speed while surfing.

the smart package is intended for normal users and offers also 400 MB high speed data volume with surfing speeds of up to 21.6 MBit / s in D-grid quality for 8 euro per 30 days along with 300 minutes and 50 SMS in all German networks. In addition, users get 10 euro starting credit. The volume of data is consumed, with 300 MB high speed data volume 4,90 euro SpeedOn option can be booked. You picks up the bandwidth throttling is enabled after the agreed upon data volume is reached, for additional effective high-speed data volume.

 Congstar offers three new prepaid plans from 23 May (image: Congstar) Congstar offers three new prepaid plans from 23 May (image: Congstar)

the surf package should attract many surfers. This gives users at the price of 10 euro per 30 days 1 GB data volume at a surfing speed of maximum 21.6 MBit/s. In addition, there are 100 minutes of telephone in all German networks, as well as unique 10 euro starting credit. Each SMS in German networks cost 9 cents. Who needs additional data volume, can be 500 MB high speed data volume 4,90 euro SpeedOn option book.

third newcomer is the AllNet package for frequent callers. It offers an AllNet flat in all German networks and also 1 GB high speed data volume at a price of 20 euros for 30 days at a speed of up to 21.6 MBit/s. Here, too, the cost per SMS to all German networks is 9 cents. Customers who opt for the pre-paid AllNet package, also obtaining 20 euro start balances. Assumes the data volume, can the SpeedOn option with 500 MB high speed data volume to book again if necessary for 4,90 euro. Details about the tariffs available from May 23 on the Congstar Web site.

apply when purchasing a new SIM card Congstar 9,99 Euro once. The new packages are bookable from May 23 through the Congstar Web site . In addition, the prepaid is available smart package and the prepaid surf package from mid-June in retail and in the Telecom shops. The prepaid AllNet package there also in the Telekom stores and specialty shops. Switching between ‘Desire mix’ and the packages is also every 30 days free of charge and can be made simply via the hotline or in the meincongstar MCC .

with the Congstar wish remix “Prepaid as I want” can of mobile users unchanged individually can put together his own personal mix of telephony, SMS10 and MB11 and upon request every 30 days on your own mobile phone needs adapt to. This can be 0, 100, 300 and 500 minutes of conversation in all German networks, SMS and data volumes combine
. 2 euros, 4 euros or 8 euro are calculated monthly depending on the booking option. The speed in the desired mix is up 7.2 MBit / s. The optional data Turbo for
additional 5 euro a month doubled the volume of data and the surfing speed to maximum 14.4 Mbit / s.


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