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Microsoft has on his education event in New York City Windows 10 S unveiled, as was expected 10 cloud Windows and is intended especially for use in schools. The more restrictive version of the operating system allows no independent installation of desktop applications, rather all apps from the store of Windows need to be involved.

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the limitation to the Windows store to bring benefits for security and management of the operating system. Microsoft promises also faster logon times by around 15 seconds and improved battery life. In other respects, Windows to 10 S same features as the Windows 10 exhibit creators update, including support for mixed reality.


Windows 10 creators update – these are the changes

Windows 10 1703 creators update offers numerous innovations for the surface and the security of Windows 10. And Redstone 3, the next update is already upon us.

the software group wants to stop the rise of Google’s chrome OS in the schools so that, that has brought a 58 percent market share in mobile PCs for the U.S. education system. “S” should nevertheless specifically for student or students are not, as would be expected. Terry Myerson, Chief of the Windows and devices group, tried the S rather with “security, simplicity and superior performance” to explain, so more safety, simplicity and superior performance. With “Soul” he wanted to see also the soul of today’s Windows.

which means apparently that Microsoft Windows 10 S wants to put in a drawer and offered only as an operating system for students. It thinks S rather on the sale of devices with Windows to anyone who is interested. PCs with Windows 10 S to come not only in the regions of lowest price. Actually Microsoft just announced his surface laptop also running with Windows 10 S and costs $999.

the most devices but are intended for education and will come in the summer at prices starting at $189 on the market. Manufacturing partners include Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP Samsung and Toshiba. The notebooks are available with a free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition delivered.

the exclusive purchase of apps from the Windows store does not mean that only apps universal support find Windows platform (UWP). Also classic desktop applications are accessible, unless they have been adjusted accordingly and recorded in the store. Microsoft itself brings full versions of Office in the Windows store. The success of Windows 10 S will also depend on the extent to which enough popular applications for Win32 apps using Microsoft’s desktop bridge (project Centennial are prepared and published in the Windows store for the UWP platform. [])

who finds Windows 10 S still too restrictive, can an upgrade on Windows 10 per carry. For teachers that will be free of charge. For devices that were not related through distribution channels for education, the update will cost $49.

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