Commands in Siri more I use in my day to day

 Siri and my day to day use

Siri arrived in our iOS devices to improve our user experience in day to day, and with the passage of time Apple has strived to improve it to the point of integrating it into our Mac and provide more possibilities. Today Siri is able to integrate with some third-party apps and increasingly is gaining more importance in our actions. In this post I want to share Siri commands that I use in my day to day. Obviously not everybody but if a good part you may be useful to make the most of the Assistant of Apple.

command of Siri for communication

our iPhone is obviously the communication tool more powerful that we have, and Siri allows us to help us in this aspect with commands such as the following which I agree with:

  • “Called David Hebrew”.
  • “Called David” and if you have multiple contacts with the same name will give you a choice. Hence, the above command is best.
  • “Make a FaceTime to David Hebrero” .
  • “Make a FaceTime’s audio to David Hebrew”.
  • “Tell David Hebrew I’ll be late” . The message in this case would be “I’ll be late”.
  • for long texts prefer to do it in two phases: sends a message to David Hebrero” and then text “ congratulations on your birthday” In this way I avoid haughtily me in the middle of the dictation of the text.
  • “Sends a Telegram/WhatsApp to David Hebrew”.
 command of Siri to send messages so send messages with Siri.

As I said above, they are not all existing commands, so I use them for my communications but work me swimmingly.

calendar and reminders

for a person like me, who depends on a good day to day organization, applications such as “calendar” and “reminders” are essential, and with these commands you can add actions to these apps:

  • sure many use reminders with different lists; one for reminders, another for the purchase, etc. As well, if we want to filter requests to Siri between different lists should do so in the following manner: “Add buy potatoes to my shopping list” and a reminder would be added to the list purchase.
  • “Create an event about going to Madrid for Wednesday at 5 in the afternoon” in this way can add an event to the calendar with the title it would be pre-determined by the words that follow create an event on” In this case ‘go to Madrid’ .
  • if we want to give a time-bound to an event have to say: “Create an event of 5 hours on Madrid on Wednesday to attend the 1 p.m.” .
 Siri programming events Siri can program specific events on your calendar.

In this area, Siri has some shortcomings, as for example the fact of not be able to seep between different calendars. I particularly have a “personal” calendar, another so-called “work”, and another “family”… If Siri will allow us to put an event in any of them through the voice command, would win many points. Only now we can predetermine a unique calendar for Siri through the system settings.

Siri as multimedia controller

after the arrival of the AirPods in our lives, the dependence many users of Siri as multimedia controller has increased. I teach that I use regularly:

  • “plays (name of song)” and thus Siri played that title if it is in your music library.
  • “Play my non-replicated podcast” So Siri can open our podcast app and play the podcast not reproduced from the most recent.
  • “is a 5-minute”, “rewind 20 seconds”, “press play”.
  • “turn up the volume”, “low volume”.

system settings do not ever happened to whom that after leaving the street and in full sun, you do not see the iPhone screen correctly? Siri is vital for these cases, here I share the commands most used in relation to the configuration of the system:

  • “Low gloss” “climbs on the shine” .
  • “Active mobile data” “disable mobile data” .
  • “activate airplane mode”.

accept suggestions if any of you are using some other useful command to adjust the configuration of the system. As you can see, in this section I’m something more limited.

command of Siri generic

and to close my list, I leave some commands more generic that can be used at any time and in my case, usually quite recurrent:

  • what is the weather in Madrid?”
  • “Put an alarm for tomorrow at 4 o’clock”.
  • “what time is in Mexico?”
  • “Where’s Irene?”, this command use it to see where my family members configured in iCloud account.
  • ‘multiply 250 by 2’.
  • “520 euro how many dollars are”.
  • “what notifications I have?”
  • “what song is playing?”
 Siri converts currency values Siri is my converts currencies favorite.

And here my collection of commands of Siri, I hope that you one will be useful and encourage you to use a little more Apple virtual assistant. As I’ve said before, I encourage I miss yours so so we can make us all much more easy use of Siri in the every day.

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