Comes with iOS iPhone 8 11 and Dark Mode in a new concept

Vianney le Masne shows us the 8 iPhone screen OLED and Dark Mode

during the rumours on which will be the new mobile devices of the Californian firm, Apple also come some interesting concepts as the case with this iPhone is with iOS 11 8.

Vianney designer le Masne has taken all the rumours currently circulating the around Central magnificent next iPhone 8 and has been responsible for a new concept of the phone screen OLED, Dark Mode and almost borderless on the front .

Dark Mode mode will give standing to the development of apps with dark interface

Vianney le Masne explains that this new “Dark” mode will offer the user a new experience of high quality display OLED since this type of screens performed better management of dark pixels, achieving savings in what refers to the autonomy of the battery.

It is believed that Apple could create a kind of Dark mode with black colors that will be virtually identical to the housing of the iPhone already that screens OLED really do not emit any type of light to activate the black pixels. In addition, the screen only have an edge at the top where it will be installed speakers and front camera.

In addition, the Designer retains the screen OLED that it be mounted the next iPhone 8, associated with the commented Dark Mode, will foot application development with an interface with a tendency to use color black given that aesthetically, the result will be much more interesting.

8 iPhone could have virtual Home button and area functional

of course, this will always be in the iPhone with the black front, since the situation could change with white models.

As we can see in the video, the concept of Mande let us see how it could be this iPhone 8 associated with Dark mode and, certainly, the result will seem you very interesting to more than one.

In addition, also you can see at the bottom of where the button should go Home button, are the virtual Home button and the much-criticized “functional area” where the user can use buttons to be changed according to the application that is open.

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