CloudBook: The first details of the «Anti-Chromebook’ of Microsoft

since began to circulate the first data on Windows 10 Cloud much strengthened the idea of a new duel between Microsoft and Google for the space of low cost. Everything seems to indicate that Redmond has the intention of assaulting the position of the Chromebooks, but the operating system is just half of the equation. The other half comes through a series of specifications-filtered which suggest a four core processor, 4 GB of RAM, and more than 10 hours of battery life, parameters similar to those they found in Mountain View-approved computers.

Microsoft has targeted to education. if we do a bit of memory, the Redmond giant not should strive too to remove to the way Linux and Windows XP become the primary operating system of millions of netbooks distributed in schools and universities around the world. But with that retired format, the Chromebooks took the role of direct replacement, offering the general stability of Chrome OS at a very low cost. Obviously, Microsoft believes that the same trick can make twice but this time fight with a monster proportions very similar to yours. The bet is based on the aforementioned Windows 10 Cloud which will only allow applications from shop Windows, and a special hardware platform, to which the specialized media have dubbed CloudBook .

these are “performance goals”, according to Central Windows. As always, a pinch of salt.

At the moment there are no images or prototypes of this computer, but the people of Central Windows leaked a list of specifications that should supposedly remain under embargo until next May 2, date in which Microsoft will organize the event #MicrosoftEDU . The list talks about a processor quad – core, either Celeron or higher, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a minimum of 32 GB of solid-state storage (64 GB para x64) stylus and touch support optional, more than ten hours of battery a start time that does not exceed the twenty seconds , and a return from suspension in less than two seconds. These values are very similar to what we find in a Chromebook today.

the question is: how much will cost these computers? The average Chromebook is worth $160 (menos aún si la unidad fue reacondicionada) and Microsoft can’t allow OEMs to put anything on sale. If the cuts are too deep, the experience of Windows 10 Cloud is not going to be good to say. Even so, we look forward to the next event. Will not be large in comparison with other conferences (como la BUILD que dará inicio el 10 de mayo) but maybe make a little noise.

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