Clips: Apple Announces video app for iPhone and Apple’s iPad at

has today clips angkündigt, an app that will allow each user quickly iPad videos on iPhone and to create. Clips will be available free of charge from the in early April in the app store and is iPad mini iPhone today featured 5 s or higher, new 9.7-inch iPad all air iPad and iPad Pro models 2 and new and iPod touch of 6th generation compatible. The devices must be according to Apple IOS run 10.3.

 clips (image: Apple)

about the app, video clips can be merge photos and music videos, this then by news app or to share on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other popular social networks. The live function also introduces clips title, with which users can create animated captions and titles only with her voice. Funny effects include comic-book-filter, balloons, forms and animated full screen posters that help to highlight the personality of its own in the videos created with clips.

with clips can users videos with multiple photos on iPhone and iPad without timelines, create video tracks or complicated editing tools. It must be just an a single button to be touched and held to record live video and photos or add them from the clutter. Then, you can add shapes and Emoji artistic filters, balloons. Also, users can add fullscreen posters with animated background and customizable texts. Clips has over dozens music soundtracks to choose, which automatically adjust the length of a video.

 clips (image: Apple)

with live tracks in clips can add users also animated captions and titles simply by using their voice. The captions are generated automatically as the user speaks them, and should appear then sync with the voice of the user on the screen. Users can mix various styles and customize, and tap each title, text and punctuation to modify or even Emojis in rows to insert. Live title supports 36 different languages.

created videos are shared with clips app with friends in the news, can clips suggest contacts based on the persons appearing in the video, or those with whom it shares most. If a proposed name is selected, the video directly in the news inserts clips app to send it with a single click.

“clips are iPhone and iPad users is never a unprecedented opportunity to express themselves through videos and is incredibly easy to use,” explains Susan Prescott, Vice President of apps product marketing at Apple. “Live titles that we have developed for clips, enable the effects, filters, and unique new everyone to create great-looking and easy to split videos with just a few clicks.” DISPLAY

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