CityHawk: VTOL flying car concept

flying car is frustrating… and exciting. Vaporware and dream at the same time . Most of the projects seem to be doomed to exist how eternal prototypes, waiting for that technology improves and becomes cheaper. Perhaps the concept itself needs a military touch before and that detail brings us to the CityHawk a variant of the Cormorant drone [19459005](ex AirMule) which can carry four passengers, and use liquid hydrogen as fuel.

when we talk about flying cars the first feeling is that the future we betrayed. Some people think that science fiction is exaggerated (como tantas otras veces) and we refuse to acknowledge it. However, the flying car is not impossible, but it falls within the “extraordinarily difficult” . The flying car is required to combine the advantages of two vehicles without sacrificing safety, either in the air or on the asphalt. The challenge of stability we must add autonomy, efficiency, weight, authorizations, certifications… the list continues. For all these reasons, whenever appears a promising prototype there are five or ten years of waiting as a minimum. And the CityHawk is no exception.

CityHawk is a design of Metro Skyway, a subsidiary of the israeli company Urban Aeronautics. This last name us is known for the project AirMule, which we talk about in January 2010 and which now bears the name of Cormorant . A point in favor of the CityHawk is its VTOL configuration, which eliminates the need for a runway for takeoff. Artistic interpretations suggest a maximum of four passengers, and according to official spokesmen, the plan is that the CityHawk use liquid hydrogen as a fuel in the future.

«who gets first…?»

Everything you can calculate with regard to specifications for the CityHawk is derived from what we already know about the Cormorant: 185 kilometers per hour of maximum speed, an hour’s flight, autonomous functions, and a maximum of 499 kg load. If so, when? It is assumed that the Cormorant will enter service before the end of the Decade, but the CityHawk would go in the year 2022.

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