Cisco announces new storage networking products on

Cisco new products announced significantly improving the performance of MDS storage Director and unified computing system (UCS). The MDS 9700 48-Port 32-Gbps Fibre channel switching modules to allow seamless scaling when demand grows. The easily upgradeable chassis architecture take care of the protection of investments, by allowing an upgrade of the 2013 introduced Cisco MDS 9700 to 32G-Fibre-Channel support.

 MDS 9700 48-Port 32-Gbps Fibre channel switching modules (image: Cisco) MDS 9700 48-Port 32-Gbps Fibre channel switching modules (image: Cisco)

for SAN scale Cisco collaborates with Broadcom/Emulex and Cavium/QLogic, to provide its customers storage connectivity with high bandwidth. The fibre channel host bus adapter supports 32 GB / s Cisco UCS C-series. MDS storage Director and UCS C-series servers now support NVMe over fibre channel. The integrated, hardware-based Cisco’s MDS analytics engine-more insight on SAN (storage area network) aims to provide real time organizations 32 G-modules.

“Cisco is still heavily involved in the storage networking market, and we look forward to provide advanced capabilities for the digital economy, while at the same time, we get the customer’s investments,” Thomas Scheibe, who runs the product management at Cisco data center solutions assured. “With the simple installation of a cost-effective module, customers on the next generation of storage networks can upgrade, offer the 32-GB-fabrics with SAN-analytics and Flash memory support.”

the network specialist makes his announcement in connection with the growing volumes of data to store. The recent Cisco global cloud index according to be increasing the data stored in data centers worldwide by 2020 by a factor of 5 and reach then 915 exabytes.

the announced products will be available in may 2017. Prices not said of the manufacturers. DISPLAY

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