Chuwi Hi10 plus in test: Android and Windows pre-installed

the Chuwi Hi10 plus is a tablet with a 10.8-inch display, on with Windows 10 home and with Android 5.1.1 equal to two operating systems are installed. This increases the flexibility of course. Especially if you have ordered the optional Bluetooth keyboard. Then you can use the device with all the available x 86 applications as Windows work station, and in tablet mode, with its many apps Android is ready.

 Chuwi Hi10 plus with keyboard (image: Chuwi)

Chuwi the Hi10 offers plus but not in this country’s. Who wants to buy the device, must import it Gearbest from China, as about the online shipper. keyboard plus the shipping the Chuwi Hi10 plus with the up to 1.92 GHz of fast Intel atom will cost x 5-Z8350 circa 212 euro. The variant with Intel Atom x 5 Z8300, which offers “only” 1.84 GHz instead of a maximum clock frequency of 1.92 GHz, is even only 177 euros. With the discount code “PLUSPC” cheapens the prize at the cheaper version to around 12 euro. Additional costs for the Gearbest shipping option “Priority Line – German Express” does not. The shipping takes between 10 to 15 business days to complete.

 Chuwi Hi10 plus: features (image: Chuwi)

Chuwi Hi10 plus with Intel Atom X 5-8350, 4 GByte RAM and 64 GB eMMC

the 686,5 grams heavy Chuwi Hi10 with a plus is equipped Intel Atom X 5 8350 which by default runs on 1.44 GHz. The Turbo clock speed is 1.92 GHz. The memory has a capacity of 4 GB. 64-Gbyte, the space is somewhat scarce. As free memory 6.3 GB are available under Windows 32.2 GB and Android. The operating systems consume the rest. After all, the memory via a microSD card slot can be extended. The manufacturer specifies 128 GB maximum size. In the test, the Hi10 plus one accepted SanDisk with 200 GB .

 Chuwi Hi8 plus: interfaces (image: the ChuwiHi10i plus has many interfaces: microSD card slot, USB-C, microUSB, microHDMI and headphone jack (image:

many interfaces

on the issue of interfaces Chuwi has powerfully settled in the stuff. Provides the device a USB-C – microUSB-, in addition to the aforementioned microSD card slots, a microHDMI-, as well as a headphone jack.

camera with low resolution

the Chuwi Hi10 plus has two cameras. However, only a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels offers both the model at the rear and also the Selfievariante. The image quality is average at best lower.

IPS LCD with 1920 x 1280 pixels

for a device that no costs 250 euro including keyboard, offering the Chuwi Hi10 plus a very good display. The 10.8-inch IPS screen in 3:2-format has a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels and therefore about a pixel density of 214 ppi. The representation is razor sharp. With a brightness of 420 nit, a neutral color representation and IPS typical good viewing angles, he knows also otherwise well please. To the playback quality of Amoled screens he does not match however.


the change from Android to Windows signing takes about 42 seconds. Almost 80 seconds pass in the reverse direction. In terms of Wi-Fi performance offers the Chuwi in the test network under Android a download rate of 17.5 MBit / s and upload performance 23,15 MBit/s. Windows are the throughput on the same router on approximately the same level as under Android. for comparison: a Galaxy S7 reached 17.8 Mbps and 81.91 MBit/s.

as regards the pure computing power, you should require much for a device that costs just a little more than 200 euros without a keyboard, not too. In the Geekbench the Chuwi achieved a single score from 881 and in the multi CPU test a value of 2226. The iPad Pro is 3072 and 4885 more than twice as fast. Sure, it costs but also several times. It is not so, that the Tablet for the operation of 10 Windows or Android would be completely inappropriate. On the contrary: it allows a quite liquid operating under both operating systems. It is also clear that it’s not designed for editing of images or videos. Write texts with Word or edit tables in Excel, but works without any problems.

battery offering a capacity of 8400 mAh. With a voltage of 3.7 v that makes an energy 31,08 Watt hours . The term corresponds to the values specified by the manufacturer. After 5 hours of video playback, the battery is empty. Who the Chuwi Hi10 plus uses only for Internet surfing and E-Mail, comes loose throughout the day. You should allow for about 5 hours for charging. Unfortunately, not every C USB charger can be used so that they must rely on the supplied. For this purpose, an adapter is required for connection to local outlets.

 Chuwi Hi10 plus: Android 5.1.1 RemixOS (image:

software: 10 Windows and Android 5.1 remix OS pre-installed

in addition to an English Windows-10 version is preinstalled on the Chuwi Hi10 plus also Android 5.1.1 in the form of RemixOS . The English version of Windows can not switch to German. However, you can install the German version Windows 10 home. It is also enabled, so the license is taken. The pre-installed RemixOS can be adjusted in the settings just to German to. An update is not available on the marshmallow-based current version of RemixOS. Whether there ever plus will be for the Hi10, may be doubted.

Chuwi Hi10 plus:

conclusion that Chuwi Hi10 plus is for a price of under $200 for the variant with Intel Atom x 5 Z8300 including keyboard a real bargain. At this price, it is obviously that’s purely performance technically cannot compete with high end tablets. It is also not intended. Rather, the very well processed 10.8 tablet of inch is a mobile entry device that thanks to pre-installed Windows especially flexible 10 and Android which can be used. For more information and sources