Chrome 58 closes 29 vulnerabilities

chrome 58.0.3029.81 eliminated according to a Google blog a series of mistakes and offers many improvements. In addition, Google includes 29 security vulnerabilities with the update and has disbursed at least 14,000 dollars in rewards for the discovery of vulnerabilities.

details Google did not on new features and improvements yet, want this but catch up in the next few days. A few days ago, the company announced that it has increased the performance of chrome last year between 25 to 35 percent. That achieved the greatest progress in this regard with a performance by 35 percent Android version of the Google browser. The Windows version, however, only increased 25 percent.

 Google chrome performance 1_Jahr (image: Google) within a year Google has increased the performance of chrome by up to 35 percent. The biggest progress the developers for the Android version of the browser (image: Google).

JavaScript-benchmark octane set the focus no longer on improving JavaScript performance, which covers only a small area in the performance of a browser, but in real Web pages load faster. Consequently, Google has set the development of own JavaScript tests octane .

that was end of 2016 already foreseeable when chrome developer Benedikt Meurer the praxistauglicheren recommended Apple benchmark speedometer in a blog post. Apple Safari achieved the highest performance in this test.

Apple Safari is fastest browser

in added post titled the Google developers in terms of browser performance of end of 2016 more details revealed. Thus Apple’s Safari is ahead currently clearly Google’s chrome with respect to performance. The performance advantage for smartphones is especially large. Safari on the iPhone is much faster than chrome on Android. A reason may be according to Mahasneh perhaps, the V8 engine of chrome on the cache sizes of Intel chips was optimized, and ARM processors had significantly less cache.

this explanation could fit perfectly. Finally offers the A10 processor in Apple’s iPhone 7 128 KB L1, 3 MB L2 and 4 MByte L3 cache. On the other hand is the Snapdragon 821 Google pixel equipped with less cache. The L1 cache with 64 KB is only half as large as in the A10 of the iPhone 7. The L2 cache size is, however, identical. The Qualcomm chip does not have an L3 cache however.

chrome: fastest solution under Android, Linux Windows

Safari is only under Mac OS and iOS available. For Android, Linux and Windows is as fastest browser chrome.


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