China: Samsung sold 60% less smartphones

certify the industry analysts by counter point Chinese manufacturers Huawei, oppo and vivo, occupied in the first quarter of 2017 about half of the Chinese Smartphonemarktes to have. Oppos not least contributed strong growth by 81 percent over the previous year. Vivo also scored with 60 percent strong growth. Huawei could still increase to solid 25 percent and again to secure the top spot in the Smartphone sales in China.

the big loser in the Chinese market, however, is Samsung, which lost a whopping 60 percent compared with the comparable quarter of the previous year according to the counter point numbers. Xiaomi lost on its key home market, 34 percent. Apple also lost ground and fell back according to counter point to 15 percent. The market researchers of IDC saw burglary of iPhone sales to 26.7 percent from the same period last year, the fifth decrease in the double-digit range in a row at Apple even a still more drastic . Only IDC anticipates a turnaround with the launch of the anniversary iPhones in the autumn.

 the Chinese leader to grow at the expense of the competition (image: counter point). the Chinese leader to grow at the expense of the competition (image: counter point).

“From hundreds of brands in the market that focuses on a few participants with the five leading brands that contribute almost three quarters of the total”, commented Research Director James Yan counter points. Oppo, Vivo and Huawei have cemented their leading positions and expanded the distance before Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung. Apple’s results proved to be as increasingly depending on the season, had to surrender during Xiaomi and Samsung to Huawei (honor) or the oppo-vivo onslaught were no match.

with 20.8 million smartphones shipped in the first quarter, Huawei was still number one in China. The faster growing oppo (18.5 million) and vivo (18.1 million) could reduce the distance however.

because the entire Smartphonemarkt in China increased only by relatively modest 4 percent, was the success of the market leader, especially at the expense of the competition. Apple slipped from the previous year of 12.8 million to 10.7 million iPhones shipped off. Xiaomi managed to get only 8.5 million instead of 12.8 million smartphones. Samsung lost dramatically from 8.7 million to only 3.5 million sales. All other manufacturers were good for 25.6 million devices together – last year it was 29.1 million.

in the future, Huawei, oppo will probably and vivo wear out the race to the first places in China among themselves. “The competition between Huawei, oppo and vivo remains still hard” comments research analyst Mengmeng Zhang of counter point. “Totally open always remains, who picks the top spot particularly in the quarter with the launch of new models.”


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