CeBIT: ZTE presents smart-Street-2.0 solution

ZTE has today on the CeBIT in Hannover its solution “smart Street 2.0 – highlights your city” presented. Solution of ZTE as a second generation of low power wide-area-network (LPWAN)-based Street helps 2.0 municipalities smart to convert public services for the urban road network. ZTE wants to create smart city a solid basis for a viable.

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the solution integrates the use of IoT ( Internet of things Internet of things ), a cloud-computing platform and from big data technology central services for everyday facilities on the road, including services in the context of providing parking and lighting. ZTE smart-Street-2.0-solution should make for the citizens to live comfortable on the one hand and on the other hand help city governments to make public services more efficient through better management and an accurate service planning. This allows at the same time also increased revenue through transparent and fair fees collection systems. On the basis of real time data analysis to intelligent navigation and routing a city dwellers both time and fuel, which ultimately benefit the environment and nature in the city.

the central street command & control center, which is the main backend hub for road-related applications, forms the core of the smart Street 2.0 solution. This Center interacts with the smart Street IoT infrastructure and collects data from the different subsystems. With the help of the big data analytics engine embedded intelligence of contact with the citizens is made via a Smartphone app notes, to provide navigation and intelligent routing information, to these notifications. The Center collects payment of fees for smart parking, as well as other payments, for example, for fines, which can be collected via online payment services.

functions such as automatic parking (smart parking) the collected, available parking spaces in the street and nearby motorists show in real time, direct the motorists to this free parking spaces and manage the online payment of the parking fee. Intelligent street lighting work based on factors such as time of day, ambient light and weather. Automatic sensor technology script in the street command and control center is controlled by the automatic switching on and off of street lighting or vary their brightness – depending on the environmental conditions in real time, natural requirements and also in relation to the activity on the street. Intelligent LED panel in the streets can also display weather, temperature, noise levels and other important information, or can be used for public service announcements or urban advertising purposes.

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in addition, sensors detect the amount of waste in waste containers and report them to the back end system, if the 80 percent of containers are full. The prompt submitted automatically to the back end system to empty the waste container is in turn forwarded as a notification to the competent garbage truck driver. The system also navigates the driver over the most efficient route to the displayed collection points and can at the same time set up a dynamic plan for several waste pickups in the area concerned.

“smart Street 2.0 by ZTE is an innovative solution for a single, smart and efficient road management with the associated administrative functions in the age of the Smart City”, said Yang Jun, VP of ZTE. “The solution modernizes the road network and transform no longer contemporary mechanisms of road management using LPWAN technologies, to improve the quality of public services. Smart Street 2.0 integrates the physical infrastructure of roads, to save costs, management by local and municipal authorities to make more efficient and to allow citizens a comfortable and pleasant life.” DISPLAY

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