CeBIT: ZTE presents cloud video Terminal ET302

ZTE has on the CeBIT new cloud video terminal be presented TrueMeet ET302. The cloud video conference technology is offered through low-cost and easy-to-control solutions also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

the ET302 from ZTE ET series is specified by the manufacturer to a low-cost and compact cloud video Terminal. In contrast to conventional videoconferencing systems the ET302 to expensive hardware or complicated operating procedures require, but still offer a high resolution, security, and special features.

 cloud video Terminal ZTE ET302 (image: ZTE) cloud video Terminal ZTE ET302 (image: ZTE)

according to ZTE supported it as the industry’s first cloud-video Terminal the H. 265-standard with low bit rates and high definition technologies. In addition, ET302 enables the representation of 1080P-Videos with a 512K-Bandbreite. The user interface is compact, whereby the manufacturer according to Visual design and intuitive operation are in the foreground. It offers features that are easy to use without training to let and supports screen sharing, dual stream (on a PC with wireless client and on a mobile device via an app), an e-whiteboard and collaborative use by a panoramic representation. Further details have not been announced.

“2016 ZTE presented already a cloud Conference solution based on a hybrid cloud. This year ZTE has developed the product to the cloud platform solution ET302, the H. 265 supports and which is better adapted to current Internet access environments. The cloud facilitates access to video conference systems and making them more flexible, and given the many advantages we expect that video conferencing systems will be the next mega-trend. ZTE is committed to provide reliable video communications in the cloud for authorities, educational institutions, as well as medium-sized companies”, explains Lu Ping, Vice President of ZTE. DISPLAY

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