CeBIT: Fujitsu LifeBook U937 presents and LifeBook S937

Fujitsu has expanded its portfolio of business notebooks to two devices. The ultramobile 13.3-inch business laptop LifeBook U937 weighs only 920 grams and is according to the manufacturer with a battery life of 11 hours. The LifeBook S937 offers a battery life of two days. Both LifeBook models are expected to be available starting April 10. The prices vary depending on the model and configuration and start the LifeBook U937 around 1899 euro and the LifeBook S937 1649 euros.

 Fujitsu LifeBook U937 (image: Fujitsu) Fujitsu LifeBook U937 (image: Fujitsu)

the U937 is equipped with a 13.3-inch full HD display and is of Intel – core-i5 and core-i7-powered current Kaby Lake generation processors, which are up to 20 GB of RAM to the page. Intel’s HD 620 GPU is responsible for the graphic. Different SSDs for selection are available depending on the configuration. As the operating system is Windows 10 Pro to use.

the LifeBook U937 is standard equipped with biometric security technology. Users can identify themselves with a fingerprint scanner or the Fujitsu PalmSecure Venenscanner either. The integrated SmartCard is to provide additional protection reader and TPM 2.0 encryption.

data communication can be via LTE, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.1. The notebook offers a range of interfaces, including a Gigabit-LAN – and an HDMI port and is additionally equipped with a USB port replicator type C, which allows a connection to an external display, mouse, keyboard or other peripheral devices.

the notebook with magnesium body is 309.3 times 213.5 times 15.5 millimeters and 15.5 millimeters thick.

 Fujitsu LifeBook S937 (image: Fujitsu) Fujitsu LifeBook S937 (image: Fujitsu)

in addition to the LifeBook U937, Fujitsu presents also the LifeBook S937. The notebook is equipped with an extra long battery life of up to two days. The new model is ideal for users who place value on a long battery life of at least 15 hours according to the manufacturer. For this, the S937 has a second battery, which is integrated directly into the modular Bay and intended to give the user an additional battery life of six hours. The S937 is reader or TPM 2.0 encryption also available with a PalmSecure Handvenenscanner, a fingerprint scanner, SmartCard, to protect the device against unauthorized access. Fujitsu Notebook is triple writer also equipped with a DVD super multi Blu-ray disc.

also here are current i3 to i7 CPUs from Intel, and up to 24 GB of RAM used. With the 13.3-inch display of users between different versions with full HD resolution with 1920 times 1080 can pixels and a brightness of 330 cd / m ² and pixel and 350 cd / m ² choose a WQHD resolution with 2560 times 1440.

the S937 weighs 1.19 or 1.32 kilos depending on the equipment without or with touch display and 316 times 214 times 28.9 millimeters.

“so far Manager were always forced to focus either on the weight, power, battery life or safety in the ultra mobile laptops. With the new LIFEBOOK U937, Fujitsu combines all of these needs in a single device. Every gram was crucial in the development of the notebook. Our ultimate goal was to be less than the number with the new flagship of the LIFEBOOK the mark by one kilogram. We are pleased to present the only notebook with 13.3 inch, which not only by default has integrated biometric security measures, but also about a battery that lasts all day without any problems – and all with a light weight of 920 grams”, explains Rüdiger Landto, head of client computing devices at Fujitsu EMEIA. DISPLAY

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