FireEye: Word gap for State espionage used

April 13, 2017 knbrothers 0

FireEye has more details about the Tuesday published by Microsoft closed zero-day vulnerability in Word . Thus the vulnerability was used not only for the spreading the Dridex malware but also to attack Russian speaking victims with the Finspy malware. Known Finspy, also called FinFisher, is one of the German […….]

Malware amnesia makes IoT/Linux botnet

April 7, 2017 knbrothers 0

which is malware amnesia a new technique to avoid detection. The security firm Palo Alto networks see them as the first Linux malware that identify virtual machines and delete can. That should work against sandboxes furnished by security researchers with analysis tools. The malware deletes the addition itself, leaving any […….]

New Android Ransomware tricking antivirus software from

April 4, 2017 knbrothers 0

Zscaler has discovered a new Ransomware for Google’s mobile operating system Android . Was terrifying, that the blackmailer software testing by any anti-virus software had been detected, write the security researcher Gaurav Shinde and viral Gandhi Zscaler blog . It is also an example that a ransom payment does not […….]