Ransomware: Ransom is 2016 average 266 per cent over $1000

April 28, 2017 knbrothers 0

the amount of the ransom demand cybercriminals by ransomware, has tripled over the past year. According to Symantec, the demand was Internet security threat report 2015 at an average of $294. 2016, victims on average should pay but $1077, which corresponds to an increase in 266 percent. [withmaterialfromAlfredNg News.com ] […….]

Study: 24.5 percent more exploit-based cyber attacks

April 21, 2017 knbrothers 0

Kaspersky Lab was one in 2016 702 million attacks by exploits, so malware exploiting existing software error to infect devices with other malicious software such as bank Trojans or ransomware. Towards 2015, representing an increase of 24,54 percent. At that time the protection solutions from Kaspersky Lab about 563 million […….]