Docker LinuxKit creates containers for Windows, macOS and cloud

April 19, 2017 knbrothers 0

docker the docker LinuxKit, presented with the minimalist Linux container for other platforms can be created. At the Conference the application container solutions provider turned out especially the safety of portable and slim containers DockerCon 17 which is under Windows, macOS, as well as in the cloud can be.

On box leads Android apps natively on Linux from

April 12, 2017 knbrothers 0

the open-source Profjekt Android in a box (in box) allows the native version of Android apps on Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux operating systems. It differs from similar projects, that it requires no emulator. Instead of box Linux namespaces uses. Login box was created by a developer who is working for […….]

Malware amnesia makes IoT/Linux botnet

April 7, 2017 knbrothers 0

which is malware amnesia a new technique to avoid detection. The security firm Palo Alto networks see them as the first Linux malware that identify virtual machines and delete can. That should work against sandboxes furnished by security researchers with analysis tools. The malware deletes the addition itself, leaving any […….]

Ubuntu is unity desktop and buries Smartphone ambitions

April 6, 2017 knbrothers 0

canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced the end of the desktop surface Unity8 . In the future, the Ubuntu Linux operating system will be shipped back with GNOME. This means also the from the Ubuntu version that is optimized for smartphones, as well as the Convergence Shell, the Ubuntu phones […….]

Skype for Linux beta available

March 2, 2017 knbrothers 0

Microsoft has deployed Skype for Linux 5.0 Beta download. Published Aphaversion of the communication solution follows the beta on one already in July 2016. The developers want to have used the time “to create a new experience, which harmonizes with the current Skype change from peer-to-peer to a modern Cloud […….]

Planet computer works on Gemini PDA

March 1, 2017 knbrothers 0

the London start up planet computer wants the personal digital assistant (PDA) bring into the 21st century – but it should not go to pure nostalgia here. Planet computer presented Gemini on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Basically it is a mobile device with a current 64 GB Smartphone […….]

Linux kernel 4.10 provides full GPU virtualization

February 21, 2017 knbrothers 0

final version 4.10 of the Linux kernel has been released after eight release candidates the Linus Torvalds . Most important new feature is the GPU virtualization technology Intel GVT-g for kernel-based virtual machines (KVMGT). The new kernel improved ARM but also the support for -based devices such as Google nexus […….]

LiMux: Munich open-source project

February 16, 2017 knbrothers 0

are four months after the completion of the parade of Microsoft in the city of Munich, the plenary Assembly of the Munich City Council majority decided to let check the planned restructuring of the City IT what should ultimately spell the end for the probably most acclaimed and most-discussed Linux […….]

Is have closely for the city of Munich

February 13, 2017 knbrothers 0

Linux project last week should be introduced the factions by CSU and the SPD in the Munich City Council on the administrative and personnel Committee a application (PDF), which set the guidelines for the reorganization of the local information and communication technology. Like reported , emerges from the application […….]