Google I/O: Launch of Google Assistant for the iPhone

May 17, 2017 knbrothers 0

Google plans seem to bring its artificial intelligence-based Google Assistant Wizard on more devices. The digital assistant should be available in the future for Apple’s iPhone. According to Bloomberg sources referred to unspecified Google will announce today a version of Google Assistant for iOS I/O 2017 on the occasion of […….]

Windows 10 opens for iOS and Android

May 12, 2017 knbrothers 0

Microsoft Windows 10 open for cooperation with Smartphones, run on which competing operating systems. The software group has unveiled 2017 Microsoft Graph at its developers Conference build as a service, which simplifies work processes across different operating systems. As an example it introduced a cloud-based clipboard is also accessible from […….]

Microsoft authenticator allows logins without password

April 20, 2017 knbrothers 0

Microsoft has updated its authenticator app Android and iOS. It allows users now to log in without entering a password for your Microsoft account. The new method helps not only the login apps installed on a Smartphone or tablet, but also log-in the browser on desktop PCs and notebooks. [withmaterialfromLiamTung […….]

SAP Academy for iOS: first training

April 19, 2017 knbrothers 0

SAP has available as Supplement to SAP placed recently on the market cloud Platform SDK for iOS and SAP design language developed first training Fiori for iOS as tells Nina Kelley, who is responsible for the SAP product knowledge portfolio, in a blog entry .

Facebook reports 1.2 billion users worldwide

April 13, 2017 knbrothers 0

around the world 1.2 billion people use Facebook’s messaging app, such as David Marcus, Director of messaging products at Facebook on Wednesday in a post told . That is a considerable number in a world population of 7.5 billion. Facebook has now twice as many users as Instagram with 600 […….]