Creators update: Microsoft warns of manual upgrade

April 27, 2017 knbrothers 0

Microsoft discourages still not resolved problems of, Windows 10 creators update manually to install. This warning applies to all except for advanced users who are willing and able to confront potential problems and to actively seek a solution. All other users should still wait until them Windows 10 creators update […….]

April 21, 2017 knbrothers 0

not install Windows 10 1703 creators update USB-stick with the update to a new version of Windows will work. Google Search delivers on the subject “ Windows 10 update aborts” about 161,000 results . Also in the ZDNet editorial staff, there is a calculator which 1703 creators update, which is […….]

Docker LinuxKit creates containers for Windows, macOS and cloud

April 19, 2017 knbrothers 0

docker the docker LinuxKit, presented with the minimalist Linux container for other platforms can be created. At the Conference the application container solutions provider turned out especially the safety of portable and slim containers DockerCon 17 which is under Windows, macOS, as well as in the cloud can be.

On box leads Android apps natively on Linux from

April 12, 2017 knbrothers 0

the open-source Profjekt Android in a box (in box) allows the native version of Android apps on Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux operating systems. It differs from similar projects, that it requires no emulator. Instead of box Linux namespaces uses. Login box was created by a developer who is working for […….]