Eco: Avalanche botnet makes online banking remains uneasy

March 16, 2017 knbrothers 0

in Germany are numerous PCs and Smartphones continue to infected with malicious software that have the avalanche – botnet spread, such as eco – Association tells the Internet industry E.v.. “Most users ignore yet their Internet service provider’s instructions urgently to clean their equipment,” says Peter Meyer, project manager of […….]

33C 3: Critical vulnerabilities in the financial start-up N26

December 28, 2016 knbrothers 0

the Erlangen security researcher Vincent Haupert has denounced serious safety deficiencies in financial start-ups on the 33. Chaos Communication Congress (33 C-3) , which are known as Fintechs. He showed previously known as number 26 – relatively easy exploitation of vulnerabilities with potentially serious consequences on the example of the […….]