Can an iPad Pro replace a Mac?

Pro iPad tablet from Apple that today, for the Cupertino is a “super computer”.  He has had good acceptance among lovers of tablets and more than those who have had an iPad in advance. This iPad emerged in response to Apple needed show a simple equipment but at the same time professional and what better way to become one of the most famous products after the iPhone, a powerful work tool. Is the iPad Pro really a supercomputer? both to be able to replace a Mac? in this post will be showcased several positions that we can get to thinking if this is true or false.

Apple shows it, yes it is possible to work on an iPad Pro

show different ads in YouTube with this product, since its launch, a team capable of the tasks that we perform every day on a Mac, but it all depends on the type of user you are. Apple relies on Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil to complement the experience, but it should be noted that it is not anything cheap equipped with these accessories. in the end, it is more convenient to purchase third-party accessories for trying to improve the experience.

arguably the most complex tasks are not possible in the iPad Pro for two reasons, applications (which will discuss in more detail in the next section) and adaptation which had to be submitted users. Here is where the question arises: what to choose, an iPad or a Mac? If you are willing to adapt to a tablet with complementary accessories and if you like the product there is no other choice. The MacBook and MacBook Pro 2016 as regards price are the highest that have existed in laptops recently, the iPad Pro is beneath them. “

applications are the future of the iPad if iOS is the operating system

 iPad Pro the iPad Pro, a nice device to view

have seen applications in recent times have become mainstays of the smartphones, but in the case of the iPad something special happens. In the environment of Apple developers have made creations that are critical to the iPad for iOS. And esto last is something that the Cupertino know very well boast. You are an employee of a company, you spend to education as a professor or you’re an independent in your work, the iPad you can come very well only keep the applications necessary to do so .

the ease with Bill macOS cannot be compared with the iOS, that many users can not leave macOS having an iPad with iOS.  This is because the iPad is a device which can display files, multimedia content in the best cases, capture information using a word processor.

if we speak more in depth applications dedicated to people of photography and drawing comes them from wonder the use of Apple Pencil. own applications have been updated to be compatible with Apple Pencil and take advantage of this accessory. If you are an expert in drawing, or you do the design world, surely the iPad Pro you think the ideal device. But if your profession or vocation is different probably not you think is so attractive.

the iPad Pro is for my? “

 multitasking iPad Pro multitasking is already possible on the iPad from iOS 9

after adjusting, it can come something positive or negative. It depends on your profession if you take advantage of what little or much. If a Mac you think exaggerated by its price and think as not you’ll get you lot party, the iPad’s portability features could be attractive.

if we take us for example, the editors of Apple 5 × 1, an iPad could be one tool more than enough but when we are dedicated to upload images, covers or any attractive image to a post we use applications such as Adobe Photoshop and preview in macOS. Although in the iPad you will find Photoshop but without all the features that we have Mac and photos, the equivalent of preview, is not at all productive for us .

and you what do you think? do you think that the iPad Pro will replace a Mac in the future? share your opinions on the subject of this article, do not forget to leave your questions in the comments box.

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