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CA technologies has to CA risk analytics network presented a network, the Administration claims fraud for CNP transactions (card-not-present) prevent and reduce the losses due to online fraud by an average 25 percent. According to CA, a cost savings of $ 2.2 billion, this is. CNP involves transactions, where the payment card used at the time of use not physically presented, such as orders by phone or Internet. The CA uses risk analytics network real-time behavioral analysis, machine learning, and global transaction data to detect a fraud and to prevent.

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the data concerning the reduction and cost savings arise from the application of the new CA risk analytics network model to historical customer data for a period of 90 days away. The potential savings is based on fraud with card use at a height of $8.8 billion in 2016, according to the study “2017 identity fraud: securing the connected life” .

as a cloud-based service integrated that CA a risk analytics network neural network with machine learning functions, to insure CNP transactions with the 3D secure security standard. It should learn from suspicious, fraudulent transactions and adapt accordingly – and that within an average of five milliseconds. In the event of doubt, the system according to CA, the gap for potential fraud includes using the same card or the same unit for all members of the network.

according to 2017 the identity published by Javelin fraud report lead the growth of E-Commerce and M-Commerce, as well as the EMV liability shift to that card fraud is increasing explosively. The report states: “E-Commerce replaced the transactions at the sale points – and the same applies to the channels on the scammers do mischief. 2016 reported misuse their cards at a CNP transaction than in the year 2015.26 percent more consumer”

“so that the legitimate cardholder transactions are not affected, are important in preventing CNP fraud according to about two things: the quick detection of anomalies and a smooth authentication”, says Terrence Clark, General Manager for payment security solutions at CA technologies. “CA offers extensive analyses of the use of the device and a worldwide pool payment security suite of transaction data based on 3D-secure. Our data scientists apply advanced analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms to it in real time. With these modern technologies, we can more quickly and accurately detect online fraud and prevent and reduce the damage to network members in the fraud case. At the same time customers will benefit from a better online shopping experience.”

CAs protect solutions according to the company of billions of online transactions, by supporting hundreds of millions of cards and thousands of card portfolios around the world. CA risk analytics network is open to card provider of any size – from global banks with millions of cardholders up to smaller or regional financial institutions.

the CA risk analytics network and the CA support payment security suite not only the 3D-Secure-Sicherheitsstandard, but also the new EMC-based standard 3D 2.0. This ensures CNP – and E-commerce transactions using smartphones, mobile apps, digital wallets and other forms of digital payment.

the 2.0 protocol is extensively use device data and the subscribers of the CA risk Analytics networks serve as a new source of information. That should lead to fewer cases of fraud and an improved shopping experience across all devices and 3D-Secure-Protokolle across, it is as CA

while according to CA important to support versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the standard, because not all card issuers and merchants implement the updated specifications.


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