Build a home drone with an Arduino board and a 3D printer

 drone flying with Arduino

with an Arduino board or a Raspberry plate you can build any gadget. Of this there is no doubt, but so far, few are the makers who have managed to build a flying drone with an Arduino board.

a teenager named Nikodem Bartnik has created a home flying drone a flight that is controlled by an Arduino board, in this case the model MPU-6050. The quadcoptero is a model that works and also a model that we can replicate at any time.

Nikodem Bartnik used your 3D printer to create the structure that will be the flying drone. This structure he added the propellers, engines, a rechargeable battery and a plate Arduino MPU-6050. The MPU-6050 plate was responsible for controlling all the operation of the drone flying as well as also connect to a remote Bartnik had created to control the flight.

Nikodem Bartnik has created a home dron Atmega chips and a printer 3D

as you can see, this drone components are fairly inexpensive and are easy to get . And more if we have in our House a 3D printer. However, such a thing does not seem very easy without the program code. Therefore, the Instructables from the project page is valuable.

Bartnik has published the entire project in an Instructables page so that any user can use Guide to build your own flying drone. On the web will find not only the software and components complete but also list the print files that can be used for free and free .

the project still needs many improvements to make it work as professional drones, but it certainly is an interesting project to cover basic needs, i.e., to have a basic flying drone.

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