Build 2017: Windows 10 supports Microsoft in the future Bash shells of SUSE and Fedora

Windows 10 has announced new features for the Linux subsystem of . It should support not only the bash shell of Ubuntu, but also those of SUSE and Fedora Linux distributions. In addition, the Bash shells soon as apps in the Windows store should be available as Windows Chief Terry Myerson 2017 said during a keynote address at the second the developers Conference build.

“we have the installation of Ubuntu that simplify we bring it in the Windows store. We have also announced, that we are working, that Suse Linux and Fedora Linux on the Windows subsystem for Linux run – and them in the Windows store to bring,”Myerson writes blog in one. “Windows is now the only platform that can run Windows apps and Linux apps side by side.”

 the Linux subsystem for Windows supports also the bash shell from SuSE and Fedora (screenshot: Microsoft). the Linux subsystem for Windows supports also the bash shell from SuSE and Fedora (screenshot: Microsoft). In April, Microsoft had already presented the creators update for the Linux shell Bash new features to . Based 16.04 LTS now on Ubuntu, providing more compatibility with the Linux system call interface. In addition, hundreds errors were corrected and improved interoperability of Linux and Windows tools. Developers can start now, for example, from bash out Windows apps and tools as well as Linux commands and scripts from Windows.

in addition, Microsoft announced to release a preview of the bash shell in his azure portal in the course of this week. The so-called Azure cloud Shell is based on Ubuntu bash and is automatically configured to work with the accounts of users. In addition portal in the near future should be in Azure the PowerShell also available.

already on Wednesday the company announced that the Windows subsystem for Linux is also integrated into Windows Server . Developers and administrators should be able to use same scripts, tools, and containers images that already use it for Linux containers on their Windows Server container hosts by using the Hyper-V isolation.

its own Insider program gets, however, in the coming months

Windows Server. From summer, regularly new builds for testing purposes are interested users available. The company according to Windows Server team that responds to requests from users who want to take more frequently and earlier new features and fixes in appearances.

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