Browser: Samsung Internet 5.4 presented

Samsung has updated its chromium-based mobile browser Internet. The browser that is installed at the factory on all Galaxy smartphones in the version 5.4 is now available according to Peter O’Shaughnessy is developer advocate for Samsung Internet, in the coming days through the Google play store and the Samsung marketplace Galaxy apps distributed. The 5.4 release includes all new features and enhancements of version 5.2, which is available only for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

 Samsung Internet (image: Samsung) also provides the browser-new extensions. CloseBy delivers via physical Web beacon information to the immediate environment of the user. The URLs are transmitted via Bluetooth and allow a smooth access to relevant Web content.

you can also activate a new quick menu in the settings of your browser. It will be shown as transparent button in the lower left corner of the screen. The position can be changed by tapping and holding. Users can change the text size of a Web site, open a new tab, or the content of a website to share with other users.

 Samsung Internet (image: Samsung) Samsung Internet allows the synchronization of bookmarks with chrome offers new enhancements and makes it easier with a new quick menu. A reading offered already its predecessor (screenshot:

new is also that Samsung Internet in the address bar refers to so-called progressive Web apps, so sites that provide functionality of a native app. You are a “+” sign instead of the Favorites icon is highlighted. A click on the symbol gradually adds a Web app to the bookmark, but creates an icon on the home screen.

also the support by blockers of advertisements has been extended. Content can be now using up to five Add-ons at the same time block, including AdBlock plus the German provider of Eyeo.

Samsung Internet 5.4: tab swipe

Samsung Internet 5.4 facilitates but also the navigation. A wiping gesture on the address bar or the tool bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to scroll back and forth between the two last opened tabs.

Samsung Internet 5.4: Tab Swipe (Bild: Samsung)Samsung Internet 5.4: Tab Swipe (Bild: Samsung)

Das Update bietet Samsung unter anderem für die Smartphones Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 4, S5, S4 und A5 an. Requires Android 5.0 and higher. Also can the Samsung browser on Google nexus devices are installed.

here comes Samsung Internet according to figures from StatCounter on a market share of 17,76%, which can be regarded as an indication that many users of Samsung smartphones will not replace the default browser with another browser. A higher spread have only chrome with 46,32 per cent and Safari with 28.6 percent.

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