Broadlink can control all your infrared devices from your iPhone with a single touch

today I bring Broadlink, a possible solution if, like me, you have several controls and strips LED bulbs in your House.

something that leans less often is the lack of infrared on the iPhone. They are many phones with Android that have incorporated this technology and sometimes – more and more – are needed.

Broadlink is a company that is dedicated to making easier the connection of your mobile phone with other devices that communicate using infrared.

the device that I show you today is the Broadlink Mini 3, the more little of them. It is really small and it can be put anywhere, provided it is within the reach of our iPhone.

 broadlink Broadlink, need to unify your controls

to make it work, the only thing we have to do is to get a type USB charger since the company includes cable micro USB but not the charger itself. One aspect that should take care of.

once connected to the mains, the next thing is download the app needed to be able to control our appliances from the iPhone.


the first thing that we must do once downloaded the app e-control . It will be a small logging and configuration through our Wi-FI. Once this is done, what remains is to select the devices you want to control.

in my case I have chosen several devices that I have in my room: A TV, a lamp, a strip on the table and finally, LED Strip LED that I have placed in the back of my TV.

began to access the menu of the app, top to the left. Then click on where it says “add device “. There will give us a number of options such as TVs, air conditioning, lights… choose which you have in your scene.

in our case, as already mentioned, have a total of four already configured devices. But, would turning them all at once, without having to go to one?

also will be able to understand all your devices with one-touch

 e-control broadlink

this is what is known as the creation of scenes. It is very how turn on all your devices with a single touch, as well as turn them off.

should be added that the app is fully configurable in terms of images in icons. can personalise them with your own photos to identify them without any problem where you have several televisions or lamps.

in my case, as you can see in the picture above, I have a scene called “turn on lights” and another to turn them off. One touch I turn on everything that I need.

to create such scenes, only have access by clicking on the image and add devices and the time you want to pass between the power of a device to another.

I have it set in half a second difference, and the truth is that everyone who has seen it is amazed.

a then you will see what I’m talking about, so you understand better all this.

the price of this device is around 15 – €20, depending on the seller and the moment. From here will be able to buy it.

since I installed this device in my house I find it much easier to turn on and off my devices with infrared. In the video you’ve seen television has taken a little more to go on, but it has nothing to do with the Broadlink that takes enough to turn of by itself.

the ideal would be that you work through the “Hey Siri”, but the truth that for the price which has not cannot ask you much more. 

If you have any doubt with regard to functioning or configuration do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We will help you in whatever you need.

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