BITKOM: Opportunities of digitization will include rarely used

E-Mail for business correspondence, the digital document archive, online applications or a social media presence for the sales for many companies in Germany today to everyday life, but so far only a few, so the result of a recent survey by BITKOM see digital potential for its own core business.


BITKOM research has questioned this 503 CEO and Board members of companies from 20 employees on the topic of digitisation. The question was: “Let’s talk about the potential of digitisation to achieve different goals. Please indicate, whether the digitization has a large, medium, low, or no potential in your opinion for the following business objectives.” According to BITKOM, the survey is representative of the overall economy.

only 38 percent of companies specifying that digitisation has a medium or large potential to develop new business models, to promote the development of new products and services to 37 percent, that it has the potential. However, 75 percent of companies see corresponding potential customer acquisition to advance or improve (73%) customer service. 6 of 10 companies (58 percent) expect this potential for a general increase in efficiency, half for the internationalization (48 percent) and 4 out of 10 for profit (44 percent) or costs (40 percent), as well as the employee recruitment (45 percent).

“Company should think bigger the digital transformation,” said BITKOM – CEO Dr. Bernhard Rohleder. “Who makes excellent products that should consider how he can pair it with valuable services.” And who offers so far heavily sought after services, which should look, whether he can build a whole eco-system to do so.”

large companies speak to a greater potential for fundamental changes of digitisation with 500 or more employees here. Among them, 44 percent say the digitisation offers opportunities for the development of new business models, 45 percent see opportunities for the development of new products and services. But there are significant differences between the sectors. 45 percent of retailers say that they see a medium or large potential for the development of new business models, the service providers are, however, only 36 percent in the industry only 34 percent.

service providers recognize the potential for the development of new services by digitizing most, 44 percent give this. At dealerships, there are only 31 percent 36 percent, in the industry. Rawhide: “just the strong German industry is well advised to explore the opportunities through the digitisation and to break new ground beyond the known paths. Digital platforms, the use of innovative technologies such as 3D printing or self learning machines and software with artificial intelligence change fundamentally not only the German economy in the coming years.”

the digitization of the economy is also the focus of this year’s CeBIT, which takes place in Hannover from March 20 to 24. BITKOM is at its main booth “hub @ CeBIT” (Hall 4, stand C58) under other also “d! conomy” experience and leading actors of digital transformation from various fields brings together his own statements according to. Learn more about BITKOM events at CeBIT can be found on the BITKOM page . DISPLAY

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