Biscuit: Google makes 35 percent smaller JPEGs

Google developed a new JPEG encoder called biscuits . The upcoming open source available software uses a new algorithm to compress photos. He will supply high-quality images in the JPEG format, which, however, should be 35 percent less than files that were created by using the currently available JPEG encoders.

 Google (image: Google) biscuits, in Swiss German biscuit and the Baden Allemannisch candy means, according to Google fully compatible to the JPEG standard. It is to support all existing browsers and image editing applications. “He is practically our Zopfli algorithm very similar to the smaller PNG and GZIP files produced”, write Robert Obryk and Jyrki Alakuijala of Google Research Europe, in a blog .

with RNN-based image compression, RAISR and WebP Swiss have little in common, however. All three procedures made necessary changes on the client side or be associated with the introduction of a new file format – what biscuits also pass.

the quality is directly related to the compression process, which consists of several stages, including color model conversion, discrete cosine transform and quantization is JPEG images. Biscuit is according to Google by which to characterize, because there the largest quality losses. By using a search algorithm, biscuit find the right balance between a minimum loss and the file size. Also biscuit of color perception and optical masking approach to be more thoroughly and more detailed, as possible with normal color model conversion and cosine transform.

the two Google researchers but also indicate a major disadvantage of Swiss. “The search algorithm requires much longer for the creation of a compressed image than currently available methods.” “

 Google biscuit (right) to same file size closer to the original approach (left) as an image file compressed with libjpeg (Center) (image: Google). Google biscuit (right) to same file size closer to the original approach (left) as an image file compressed with libjpeg (Center) (image: Google). The target to reduce the loading times of Web sites and at the same time to reduce data consumption – especially with respect to the mobile Internet – behind the development of biscuit. A side effect is also a better image quality with constant file size. People preferred images created for the same file size with Swiss opposite with the libjpeg library of compressed photos. DISPLAY

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