BenQ takes 27 – and 32-inch design monitors in 16:9-format before

BenQ has two displays EW3270ZL and EW2770QZ with 27 – and 32-inch diagonal expands suite. The all-round monitors come with WHQD resolution in 16:9 format. You are optimized for viewing movies and videos thanks to the new brightness intelligence technology, so the manufacturers. The EW3270ZL is already available at the price of 549 euro in trade. The EW2770QZ is a suggested retail selling price of 469 euros in trading in May.

 27-incher Benq EW2770QZ (image: image) 27-incher Benq EW2770QZ (image: image)

the two screens offers a WHQD resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels in 16:9 format and are equipped with an extra narrow frame. So they should fit into any environment. While at the 27-incher comes a strong angle IPS Panel used, relies on an AMVA + BenQ for the 32-inch model-Panel, which also provides a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees. Both monitors meet the sRGB and the rec. 709 color space to 100 percent down to BenQ. The HDTV color standard rec. 709 guaranteed from production up to the playback in the cinema a universally consistent color fidelity and quality.

the contrast ratio of the 27 combined EW2770QZ BenQ with 1000:1 indicates the brightness 350 cd / m ², with 5 milliseconds (GtG) response time. The 32-inch screen EW3270ZL a contrast ratio of 3000:1 offers a brightness of 300 cd / m² and a response time of 4 milliseconds according to the datasheet,.

 32-incher Benq EW3270ZL (image: image) 32-incher Benq EW3270ZL (image: image)

the brightness of intelligence technology to provide not only for an optimised image quality, but serve the protection of the eyes. The brightness and picture content are automatically adjusted during the presentation the ambient light. Dark film sequences are enlightened to expose more details in these areas. Bright scenes are, however, not overexposed.

the other equipped devices with the flicker-free and the low blue light technology by BenQ. The low blue light technology filters harmful blue light and reduces an irritation and fatigue of the eyes in this way.

existing beyond the two HDMI inputs (1.4) can be connected, for example, Blu-ray players or game consoles. There are also a DisplayPort (DP 1.2) and a headphone jack available. A mini DisplayPort is also installed on the 32-inch screen. For the sound output two 3-watt speakers are integrated in the 32-incher, at the 27-incher two 2-Watt speakers. The 5.9-kilo 27 inch monitor measures 460,6 times 613,8 times 198,1 mm, the 32-inch display brings 8.5 kilos on the scales and 526,82 times 739,58 times 218,24 millimeters.


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