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just a couple of days that Clips, the new app from Apple to generate videos, was released in the App Store . ” If you have not downloaded it you, are already taking: it is completely free and in just a couple of taps going to create enough eye-catching projects. And it is that following the line of Apple, Clips is a fun and intuitive application, but it has its mysteries.

therefore we wanted to summarize a very quick guide in this post so you’ll manage in the new Apple creating videos as a whole pro with stickers, animations, texts and other tweaks. And it is that with this app you’ll forget many other apps from the App Store and even software that you have on your computer that works quite Similarly. With Clips, you can do it all on the fly and with the contents of your iPhone or iPad.

learning to use Clips

use Clips is the easiest thing in the world: basically generates videos with content that we are going to add in the timeline that we can find in the bottom of the interface. Then, in each block of content we can merge information, filters and much more. Thus we give to new video and let the party begin!

first of all, a basic concept: Clips we have two modes of work . If you see the “T” icon, this means that you are in the edit mode of each block, where you you can add bumpers, filters, silence, trim and remove the block. On the other hand, if you see the “T” means that you are in global mode, which is where you can add new blocks with their respective sounds, texts, music…


  • you can adding content of your film – both photos videos – or do it live from the camera, front or rear. ” At that time, add filters, text, audio options from the top menu.

  • the T icon serves as bumper to move from one block to another creating transitions, is already integrated within an own block or creating a block for the transition with added text.

  • order is everything : when you have several blocks, hold one of them to drag it to one side or the other. That Yes, if you drag outside the line, delete it from your project.

  • adds text, emojis… click on a block to select it. Then you can add tags or emojis by clicking on the star. If you are not satisfied, you can edit without problem.

  • how long each block? add images or bumpers, you have to press on the button recording for two things: record sound, although it is the environment, and give a duration. If you don’t want to have sound, mutes the microphone by pressing on it.

  • when you add a video, you can select if you want to have your original sound or your project . To do this, once incorporated in your project, select it in the timeline and click on the speaker. Then you have two options, mute the original audio or which have incorporated with the microphone.

  • change the framing and beam videos zoom: it is usually preferable to insert already recorded videos that go recording on the fly, to the manipulate it previously better. Anyway, when you integrate a video, if the gesture – the classic for zooming – clip and your project will be the classic plane change approaching.

  • if only like a fragment of an original video once imported into your project, touches on the scroll bar of the video to select which part will be integrated.

  • Add music: find a musical note icon in the upper right. When you click it, you can do two things: Add music preset by Apple or access my music, and select your own tracks. If you go to put your songs, as in the case of videos you will have to select a song and move the cursor of the scroll bar to select which fragment will be the soundtrack. By the way, music joins by default at the beginning of the project and this is mitigate if at some point there is recording with the microphone.

  • how do I make an image last longer? If you already had a built-in photo and want it to be longer, you will have to select it to edit it and stretch it or compress it to increase or reduce its duration in your project.


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