Barracuda provides backup LiveBoot 2.0

Barracuda Networks offers customers and MSPs from immediately backup LiveBoot 2.0. The current version contains, as the company in a blog tells now cloud LiveBoot, to Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments faster to save, to reduce boot times and downtimes, so the Barracuda cloud in Vsphere and Hyper-V environments to significantly minimize. Barracuda backup LiveBoot is 2.0 starting immediately available free of charge to customers with a valid license for Barracuda backup and Barracuda backup Intronis MSP Edition.

(Bild: Barracuda Networks)

the LiveBoot 2.0 update offers companies that protect their VMware and Hyper-V environments with Barracuda backup, the option to use a Barracuda cloud storage, if fail to own virtual environment. Customers can use their local Barracuda backup as memory and boot the secure virtual machine within minutes from the deduplicated status.

LiveBoot (for VMware) allows customers and MSPs data recovery due to outages in the primary storage system by Barracuda backup used as source of storage for VMware hypervisors and booted the protected VM directly from the local backup. Cloud LiveBoot allows customers and MSPs VMs (for Hyper-V and VMware) directly from backups stored in the Barracuda cloud to boot. Private or public addresses for remote access can be assigned to different devices.

“The sense of a backup strategy is to make sure that the stores in case of emergency continue smoothly,” says Rod Mathews, Senior Vice President and General Manager, data protection at Barracuda. “We have seen already pretty much everything to failure modes, which can – be devastating on the recovery strategy by companies be they natural disasters, Ransomware attack or accidentally deleted data by employees. Barracuda backup LiveBoot 2.0 provides a powerful and affordable protective coating for recovering lost data. customers’ DISPLAY

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