Bargain: Samsung Galaxy S7 for 400 euro

the previous year Samsung are -Flaggschiffe Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 currently very cheap. Sometimes you pay for a new Galaxy S7 less than 400 euros . You will find the larger edge of S7 with a little luck from about 460 euros.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will receive update on Android 7.0 nougat (image: Samsung) a decline just before the introducing a new Galaxy version is not uncommon. This is repeated every year: retailers reduce prices to make room for the new goods. Currently, the cheapest deals however are not dealers, but from individuals. You can find appropriate listings such as eBay classifieds.

the devices are usually from the Samsung discount promotion for SUHD television . Customers received free when purchasing certain Samsung TVs a S7 of the Galaxy or a Galaxy S7 edge. The “Super deal”action ran from mid to end of February. Up to 12.3, the buyers had time to register, to get to a free Galaxy S7 or S7 edge from Samsung. Obviously, but not all customers have a Galaxy-S7 Smartphone needed so that they offer it for sale.

the prices for these units are slightly lower than those of dealers. You must pay typically 400 euros for the Galaxy S7. The larger model Galaxy S7 edge is 60 to 70 euros more expensive. At online retailers, the Galaxy smartphones cost each about 40 to 50 euro more.

also the accessories for the last year’s Samsung flagships is partly considerably cheaper to have. So is the lens cover protective cover instead of 150 little more than 50 euros. This is a cover that allows the screws from lens. A telephoto and a wide-angle lens included in the delivery.

 Galaxy S7: lens-cover protective cover (image: supplied with the lens-cover – cover is located in a wide angle and a telephoto lens. Thus the usage possibilities of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is in the photography area greatly expand (picture:

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