Avoid storage with network monitoring

whether it is the current marketing metrics, the occupancy of conference rooms, the open support tickets or the traffic situation at the end of the Office, modern companies are dependent on information at all levels. To keep the balance between blind and “Information Overkill”, structured as possible to provide as much information as possible relevant say every employee is critical to success.

here come modern network monitoring solutions in the game: they are designed to collect data to evaluate and to distribute. In addition, they offer comprehensive notification and alerting capabilities to achieve individually defined limits those responsible promptly notify. However, most of these tools are technically constrained and optimized only for network data gathering.

 the PRTG-Office-map Paessler the PRTG- Office -map at the Paessler Office informed inter alia about meeting room reservations, lunch options and the current traffic situation (image: Paessler AG)

the IT monitoring solution can monitor however PRTG network far more than just bandwidth measure or monitor server. A documented API and a set of built-in templates classic IT components can be not only standard data on read, but in principle all multiplex information. These can then in PRTG are evaluated and published reports, maps or via email, SMS or as a push notification to your Smartphone and be shipped.

has long been the producer of PRTG uses Nuremberg Paessler AG, the monitoring solution internally as a central information platform. Monitors are installed at all departments, where relevant information is displayed clearly. So the developers know if the support-ticket numbers rise and they attack the colleagues in the support under the arms, the online marketing team sees the current key figures who see the State of the network and all staff administrators the occupancy of conference rooms and the traffic situation to Nuremberg around – what is increasingly more interesting when it comes to on the evening. And if the ticket numbers in critical areas or the marketing numbers indicate unusual trends, the competent colleagues via email will be notified directly.

with the 100-sensors-freeware license can completely free insert PRTG to clearly and efficiently to provide a wealth of valuable information your colleagues. And even some sensors are likely to remain to keep the most important components of your network at a glance.

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